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In today’s economic environment, cost is a major concern in every decision. Companies that are able to expand their supply chain via new facilities, reconstruction or just additional serviceable space needs cannot afford to pay for all the pieces. They put together a ala-carte type project plan hoping that all the pieces will come together at the end. They depend on consultants to guide them through the process.

Texeus Ltd. Is changing all that. Texeus ltd is a one stop shop for any company, regardless of size. We have all the pieces to the project, you deal with one project manager who ensures your questions are answered right then, right there.

Our very basic package includes the following:

· An initial meeting with the team who will work on your project. That team includes:

o A supply chain executive that can assist you with improving your supply chain to reduce cost and improve efficiency. They have master black belts and lean champions at their disposal.

o Facility Designer (to ensure your layout is the most efficient) a Commercial Realtor is also available if there is need for a site search. This team includes automation (conveyor and radio frequency)

o A WMS systems expert. There are several WMS systems to choose from and several platforms. We work with the best of the best WMS software companies globally.

o Temporary staff to help in the start-up (if needed)

o Temporary management to help in the start-up (if needed)

o A transportation expert to get you the lowest cost transportation for operation.

o A Purchasing/sourcing Expert (if needed)

· An experienced project manager who will explain every step of the process and answer all your questions.

· A very detailed question and answer period with weekly follow-ups.

· A commitment to respond back to your concerns within an hour

· A commitment to stay within the agreed to cost.

Texeus wants you to be at ease during this very difficult process so we put all the necessities in one place.




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